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Oral Sex Facts and Tips

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

When we talk about pleasure, we commonly connect it to food, things, games, and other specific activities like sex. It is undeniable that sexual experience allows the feeling of gratification and extreme pleasure. The kissing, hugging, penetrating, and the orgasms are giving us the rapture we seek as human beings. In fact, it has already been proven that animals do not have sex only for reproduction but also because it naturally feels good. But unlike animals, as human beings, there are other reasons why we have sex. People engage in sexual intercourse because it feels good, but people also have sex for money, for a job, for creating a family, for relieving stress, and a lot more. Let’s face it; all of us are descended from a long line of horny forefathers. There is nothing to be ashamed of it because it actually helps preserve species here on earth. We need to procreate; we need to get the genes passed down to avoid extinction. In other words, we need to have sex!

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