Mission Statement

We are dedicated to exclusive entertainment events for men, we offer services and products ranging from receiving you at the airport, luxury yacht parties, the most beautiful and sexiest women, unlimited sex, drug friendly environmet, free alcohol, sexual surprises and all this on our private island, we take care of your security to offer you an unique experience, in addition to offering you fashion items, and much more. Our goal is to position ourselves as the leading company in entertainment events and be recognized by our clients.


1) What is sex island?

We are a company dedicated exclusively to the entretaiment for men. Offering unique experiences, services and products to each of our customers.

2) When is the event? Is there any date yet?

Dates will be announced throught our social media and our website. Stay tuned!!
Our next event is on December 14th 2018. Stay tuned to our social media and our website for updates.

3) Where is the event? Where do I buy the plane ticket? Where is the Island located?

The location of the island is confidential until you buy the ticket, to assure the security of the event and clients.

4) The girls who participate in the event are there at their will?

All the girls who participate in the event do it at their free will, and are above 18 years old, the safety of our girls is also our priority.

5) Will my personal information be provided to people outside the event? Are pictures allowed? Will somebody find out I was at Sex Island?

No. All of our clients'personal information is completely confidential and will not be revealed to anyone outside of the event. Also to protect the privacy of our girls and our customers pictures are not allowed during the trip. Your privacy matters to us.

6) Is it safe for me to go to Sex Island?
Of course. We have a security staff that is going to be in charge to safeguard your physical security and your privacy.

7) Where can I buy tickets to the event?
In our official website www.sexisland.co In the sex island video you can see our models wearing a crop top shirt with the official website printed on the shirt. This is the only website where you can buy tickets to our events.

8) Where can I get more information?

You can write an email to sexislanco@gmail.com Or contact our support team in our website.

9) Can I see the girls before the trip?

Yes. Once you purchase your tickets our team will contact you through email with more details about our girls.

10) I want to book this trip for me and my husband but I wanted to know if girls are allowed to go as well?

Yes. Our trip is also coulpe friendly, so you can definetly come with your husband/Boyfriend/Playpartner.

11) Will I be deported to my contry?

No, The services we offer are legal in the contry where our island is located.

12) Does your beautiful ladies offer quiality drugs at your event?

Neither our staff or our girls are allowed to provide any kind of substances.  What is allowed is the consumption of it during our trip.

13) Do you make private events offering the same experience?

The event itself is private, but if you want to make an event just for you and your friends we also manage it, just contact us through email and let us know.