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April 19 - April 22

$4500 USD 3nights / 4days



The event is on our private island. Enjoy the company of 100 beautiful Latin girls, In our drug-friendly environment. The girls' mission is to please you and make you feel like a king. If you have any specific fantasies, let us or the girls know, and we’ll turn your fantasies into reality! Enjoy breathtaking beach surroundings with your good girls at the one and only Sex Island.

Whats Included?

Unlimited sex with two girls per day (switching girls with other guests is permitted), all activities (golf,tennis, yacht parties etc) meals and snacks, all the alcohol you desire, airport pickup and drop-off, yacht parties, bedrooms with showers, large closets, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and unlimited condoms.


100 Girls

There are 50 tickets for 50 guests, each ticket includes the company of 2 beautiful girls; each day for an unlimited amount of sex during the 4-day trip. There’ll be 100 girls available for you. All of our girls are tested and free of any sexual diseases. We have a strict condom policy. At any moment you can switch girls with the other 50 guests.

Luxury Yacht & Incredible Sexual Surprises

Each day we will have incredible sexual activities and surprises, and events including parties on our luxury yacht, live sex shows, celebrity musical performances and much more.

sexual activities

Fun and exciting activities at our Resort including Jetskiing, scuba diving and our fan favorites strip tennis, swing volleyball, and our special golf tournament; where the winner receives an epic sexual surprise.


Rooms & amenities

Includes a golf course, tennis courts, volleyball court, 3 pools and is steps away from the beach. Each guest has their own suite. All rooms have air conditioning, Large Bed, wi-fi and breathtaking views of the ocean.


Your safety and privacy is our priority. We have a full staff of security guards on our island. From the moment you land to the moment you leave, we keep you insight and guarantee your security and absolute discretion of your trip and your decisions at Sex Island.

Chef and waiters

All your meals will be prepared by our professional chefs and served by our waitress. From breakfast, lunch, and dinner you will enjoy 5-star meals. You can expect to eat the best seafood, chicken, soups, salads, desserts and more.


How it works

1. Buy your Event ticket

Pay by electronic check or Wire Bank Transfer or Bitcoin/Crypto below.

2. Buy your Plane ticket to Trinidad & Tobago (POS)

Airfare is not included in the purchase price, after you buy your event ticket on our website, purchase your plane ticket to Trinidad & Tobago airport Piarco Airport. E-mail us your flight itinerary, so we know when you arrive. 

3. Arrive

Our chauffeur will be waiting for you at the airport, holding a sign with your first name, and will take you to Sex Island.

4. Start the party

Our Chauffeur will transport you to our luxury yacht. Where be attended by our girls; Enjoy drinks, snacks and start partying while you’re on your way to our Sex Island.


13 Tickets Left

Easter Event

April 19 - April 22

3Nights-4Days $4500 USD

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